TUCNA (Trade Union Congress of Namibia) was formed as a merge between two major legislative organizations namely Namibia Federation of Trade Unions (NAFTU) and Namibia People’s Social Movement (NPSM) at the annual Trade Union congress held in May 2002 at Windhoek Continental Hotel. The two federations come to a mutual understanding and signed a memorandum of understanding to form on stronger organization.

Tucna is registered with the Labour Commissioner’s office as per the labour Act of the Republic of Namibia. Tucna has close co-operation with other SADC countries federation of workers and is affiliated to International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) at the world level.

TUCNA is a National Congress of workers trade union organizations and is established on the pillars of non-racial, non-political and democratic society, therefore it take full responsibility for its action independently without any interference of external forces.

TUCNA is an umbrella body of over 15 affiliated members that’s serve over 40000 membership employees throughout the country, TUCNA is a dominant organization in private sector and serve in different domain ranging from Banking, Fisheries, Tertiary education, Airlines, Construction, Insurance etc it also operate in the pubic domain. TUCNA provides assistance to its affiliated members to transform their regulatory, enforcement, investment climates in the agriculture, environment, energy, and disaster preparedness sectors, TUCNA contribute highly on a new Labour Act of 2008.

To develop into a one point organization that serves the whole community of Namibia, with creative, well calculate and inspiring decision, policies and regulation, that reflect accountable, transparency and well being of the workforce and uplift the living standard of the workforce through its affiliated members and strategic partners.

TUCNA is a devoted institution that responsible for defending, representing, promoting and training workers in the interest of social justice, economic empowerment, self-sustaining community and realization of NDP 3 and Vision 2030.

  • TUCNA aim to harness internationalization of markets to improving living and working conditions.
  • TUCNA potential for higher growth and employment, in Private and Public sector.
  • Need for partnership of unions, business and government.
  • Social stability founded on participation of workers.
  • Poverty alleviation and sustainable development.
  • Unlocking the productive potential of the work force.




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WINDHOEK – Local Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) heavyweights are queuing at the doors of Barclays Group for a multi-million-doll..

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